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aleatoric composition with dance 




23 November 2015

Volksroom, Brussels, Belgium






'poporo' is a precolombian object used to store small amounts of lime to chew coca leaves. It is one of the first objects in the gold museum and a symbol of Colombia. I used this as the title for my piece because it represents my search for my Colombian roots as well as the search for the wild and unknown that exists in all of us. What is wild? Why do we think we should behave or repress this side of us? These are some of the questions I try to answer or work with in my piece. It is a subject that touches us all and which is very powerful.

The aleatoric musical composition is an exploration of g minor, with inspiration from Bach's Sonata I prelude interlaced with Bengali folk music idioms and inner struggles. 'poporo' serves as a point of departure to meditate upon a search for identity, womanhood, transitions and transformations, and what it means to be...wild. 



Neepa Acharya, baroque violin

Saskia Leudo De Ronde, dance


costumes by Nathan French

photograhy, Naninca Lemmens





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